Tips for Organizing a Neighborhood Picnic

Who doesn’t like to have fun with the neighbors? One of the best ways to mingle with the neighbors is to arrange a community picnic. Taking the initiative of such an event is great but it can be quite a hassle to arrange it. Here are some tips that will help you to organize a neighborhood picnic.

Plan ahead

Planning is the key to organizing any event. You must start planning months before the event. Decide on the financial aspects. If it’s a community event, you can raise funds through it. So, know the purpose of arranging such an event, that is whether it’s for a cause like charity or simply for recreational purpose. Get donations or sponsors to.


Decide where you want to have the event. A local park is a good option but for that, you need permission from the local authority. The location must be convenient for the local people to attend. There should be parking facilities.

Food and beverages

You must arrange for food and beverages. You can book a catering service that can serve lots of people on that day. Decide on the menu and arrange for the cutleries, tables, and other necessary things.


Picnics are not fun without activities. So, you must arrange fun activities. These can include shooting games, pillow passing, face painting, relay races, hula-hooping contests, and more. You must arrange for prizes to be given to the winners. An online casino game tournament could be fun too.

There should be a Wi-Fi connection at the venue so that the attendees can share their winning and fun moments with friends and families on social networks. They can also play online casino games at This could be part of the fun. Many people enjoy a bit of betting or taking their chances with poker.

With help from the local people and volunteers, you will be able to arrange a picnic for the neighborhood comfortably.